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FBA is called fulfillment by Amazon. In EBI, we offer several different shipping modes in order to ensure your Amazon orders can be smoothly delivered to final customer or Amazon warehouse.
  • Air + courier
  • Ocean + courier
  • Ocean + truck
  • Oversea warehouse
  • Order fulfillment
  • Drop shipment

We have lots of distribution points in China to collect your products and ship to Amazon warehouse by sea or by air. The difference is the lead time that you choose a shipping mode. It will ready affect your ranking in Amazon. Therefore, EBI will provide you professional service and guide you how to choose what shipping mode is perfect for you. As we have our owned leased warehouse all over China. We can consolidate the FBA cargos into our container regularly or arrange air freight to destination subject to customer request.


Currently, EBI offering shipping service to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and India for CFS/door or door/door service. We also have strong team at destination to clear the product. Our destination brokerage team is 24*7 on duty so that can answer your enquiry as soon as we can.


For ocean + courier or ocean + truck, EBI provides you “clearance at origin & destination” with tax or without tax service. With this advantage, we can offer you a all-in rate or rate by kg/cbm basis.


If you prefer a short lead time, we will recommend you to select air + courier mode. EBI signed contract with lots of airline and have direct account with UPS and Fedex. That’s why we can offer such a smooth shipping channel to Amazon.

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