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Operating over 300,000 square feet of warehouses in Mainland China (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and Hong Kong, we offer a variety of flexible space just 10-30 minutes away from major ports and airports. 

Our full-spectrum warehousing services include:

  • Picking, Inspection, Sorting and Scanning
  • Llabelling, Assembly, Kitting, Packing and Reworking
  • Storage and Inventory Management
  • Palletizing and Cross-docking
  • Customs Formalities 

International standard facilities in our warehouses include:

  • 24/7 Security (CCTV monitor, Infrared Security System, Visitation Guidelines and High-value Cargo Storage Segment)
  • Automatic Smoke Detection, Fire Alarm, Hydrant and Sprinkling Systems
  • Epoxy / Dust-free Platforms
  • Loading Bays and Pallets
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Racks for unlimited storage period
  • CT-PAT Compliant
  • Insurance Enabled

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